Genuine Loving-Kindness

Before we can cultivate genuine loving-kindness and compassion for ourselves and others, we need to be aware of what qualities are actually present in the mind. How can we cultivate loving-kindness and compassion if hatred is present in the mind? If w... Read more

Create Value From This Existence

Why are we born? Why must we die? What value can we create from this fleeting existence? What do the teachings of the dharma, of mindfulness and compassion, have to offer in a time of tragedy? It was from the search for answers to these questions that... Read more


As meditation practice develops over the years, it is natural to have greater appreciation for simplicity. In Buddhist understanding, simplicity is a practice, a state of mind, and a quality of heart. It is associated with happiness and even liberatio... Read more

Celebrating Empowerment

wildwomxn was birthed pre-pandemic, just as the Women’s Marches and #metoo were upending the conversation for gender equality. Society was shining a new light on the challenges of living in a female body; we were empowered. Newly emerged from the ILA ... Read more

Injustice Has a Cure

Black History Month has been observed in the United States since 1976. Although the annual celebration is during February, amplifying Black voices, stories, and history is important year-round. The theme for 2022 is health and wellness, in honor of Bl... Read more

Struggle or Now

I love how Ken McLeod describes Dukkha as a struggle because it stops me from spiritually bypassing. While I can attest to having much less struggle in my life from when I first stepped onto the Buddhist path, I can see how I can still struggle. Who w... Read more

What is Deep Dharma to You?

Five years ago, Jack and I got up at 5AM to drive from Spirit Rock where we were teaching the Teacher Training group to a spacious private home in San Francisco. The team of fourteen monastics who took care of Thich Nhat Hanh while he received treatme... Read more

Children holding hands

The Power of Compassion

It was so surprising. Disarming, even. On the eve of President Biden’s inauguration last year, while watching the televised memorial for the more than 400,000 lives then lost to Covid-19, I felt a moment of grace. A moment of blessings and memory. Ki... Read more