The Emotional Currency of the Heart

  “The game isn’t about becoming somebody, it’s about becoming nobody”— Ram Dass If you’ve ever spent a second in Los Angeles, then you’re keenly aware of everyone’s need to be somebody. What follows the words, “I AM” are seemingly some of... Read more

Compassion in Action

For those of you I havent met, Im Jen Kehs, a graduate of InsightLAs facilitator training program. I currently guide drop-in meditations at InsightLA, occasionally lead the Mindful Writers Sitting Group and co-facilitate InsightLA’s Queer Mindfulness af... Read more


This past weekend, in fact, on the Mother’s Day weekend, a friend of mine lost one of her kitties. Tululah, the cat had a kidney problem and recently developed cancer in her stomach, which led to a relatively quick decline. Tululah was one of the two ... Read more

Breath! Delight in Meditation

Most of us live in a busy, goal-directed culture. In our meditation life, that same goal-directed energy is always searching for a special experience, attainable only in the future; a state that’s higher, better, different from where we are right now. F... Read more

A Dream Come True

Did you ever have a dream come true that you hardly even dared to dream? This is that dream: InsightLA has been given the chance to create beautiful contemplative programs in the San Bernardino mountains. And this summer we’re hosting our very first... Read more