Cultivating Harmony

We are so happy to be offering the first Essentials of Mindfulness Meditation class for the Neurodiverse Community. For all of us, being amongst like-minded people can support us in feeling a sense of belonging. To be recognized, welcomed, accepted, and... Read more

Awe, Sense and Savor, and Nature Walks

For those depleting, down in the dumps kind of days — something we’re feeling too often right now --- an outdoor jaunt may be just the emotional and physical boost that’s needed. Perhaps one of the most healing and delicious practices of InsightLA’s ... Read more

Mindfulness for Writers

On my first meditation retreat in 2009, one of the Dharma talks was about the difference between pain and suffering, and I was NOT getting it. Pain and suffering. They go together like chocolate and peanut butter. To be in pain is to suffer. We suffer b... Read more

National Grief Awareness Day

Every human being that is born will die. Being mindful of this truth may lead to strong feelings about the nature of life itself. Perhaps this quality of life – that all living things must ultimately die – is one of the few truths that unites us all. Bu... Read more

Teacher Authorization Ceremony

It was an honor to get to support one of my mentors, Rosamaria Segura, and InsightLA teacher, Eric McCullum, for their Theravada Lineage Teacher Authorization Ceremony two weeks ago at the Lighting the Lamp of Dharma event lead by Trudy Goodman and indi... Read more

Radical Self-Acceptance

Despite being a US citizen born in Puerto Rico (a US colony and territory since 1917), I am an immigrant in this country, the United States of North America. My parents were also immigrants, having come from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, escapi... Read more

Finding Grace in Chaos

I grew up in Mexico City and lived there all my life until we moved to the US 22 years ago. I was always very spiritual and while growing up it was expressed through the Catholic Christian faith. In my mid thirties, after being curious about meditation ... Read more