From Izumi Tanaka: Joy From The Past

This last Sunday, March 3, was an “unobserved” holiday in Japan called, “Hina Matsuri.” It is a day to celebrate “girls.” The tradition is that a few weeks prior to this date the families who have daughters would display the set of “Hina Ningyo” (Hi... Read more

Transforming Adversity into Compassion

Last night I came home from teaching an unplanned retreat with my godson, Will Kabat-Zinn, filling in for my dear friend Sharon who got sick at the last minute and couldn’t go. One of the participants wheeled himself into the meditation hall in a wh... Read more

Nature’s Magic

The Buddha encouraged his community to meditate in the forest at the foot of a tree, beginning a long tradition of reverence for nature in Buddhism. Spending time in nature, we can sense the intimate connection between the natural world and our own ... Read more

India: Beginner’s Mind

Just home from traveling halfway around the world for a couple weeks of meditation retreat. Since there are wonderful retreat centers right here in California - Spirit Rock, Big Bear, others - why go spend weeks in the heat of Southern India, in an ... Read more

Noble Friends and Noble Conversations

“Noble friends and noble conversations” are mentioned often in the suttas of the Buddha’s teachings, as supports for practice, and as the antidote to every obstacle on the path to freedom. Where are these “noble friends to be found? A sitting gro... Read more

From Senior Teacher Michael Stroud

How many times do we start a new year with big resolutions, only to quickly fall short and give up? We assume that change is an either/or proposition — we either “deliver” or we’re out of the game.  Mindfulness practice suggests a much more... Read more

Life Is But A Dream

I wake up to a clear winter sunrise in LA. It’s already the fifth day of the new year. Like a dream, the holidays are past, whether sparkling or somber. It’s 2019 now. Here we are, rowing our boats gently down the swift stream of time. Is life reall... Read more