Just Being

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, a day of feasting and gathering together. For indigenous people, it’s a day of mourning. Whether celebrating or grieving, we have this special day dedicated to gratitude, a chance to express how grateful we are for so many things; for friendship, family, and love.

At InsightLA we’re grateful to you, our generous and beloved community. And on this holiday more than ever, I’m grateful for the teachings that free our hearts, and show us how to observe thoughts and feelings as they form and dissolve in the stream of consciousness. Here’s why:

Ten days ago, in an excess of enthusiasm at the end of a Tabata class, I did a sideways leap, tripped, and slammed hard enough into the cement sidewalk to fracture a vertebra. The treatment is to ‘decrease activity’, in other words, to stop and rest (not my natural state). In pain during the first days, I could only see this injury as unfortunate. Disappointed, I struggled to keep on doing.

Today, having had to let go of plans and all busyness, my perception has changed dramatically. The facts are the same –- injury, healing — but now I’m calmly resting, listening to the sounds of life outside as the world goes by, surrounded by care and support – most fortunate. Lying on the couch propped by pillows, I watch shadows and light slant across the floor with the turning earth. This heart is peaceful and still. You know from your own mindfulness practice that when we stop resisting what is, the joy of just being can be the greatest gift of all. Giving thanks!

Love, Trudy

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