Quartz Bowls and Woman in Sound healing therapy and meditation sound bath

Exquisite Trust

It came to me earlier today. My intention for today, tomorrow, and all my ceremonies, sound baths and retreats going forward is exactly that, exquisite trust. The definition of exquisite being “extremely beautiful” and “intensely felt.” A deep inhale ... Read more

mindful grief holding hands

Mindful Grief

Recognizing the body pattern of grief, we can learn to soften to that tension instead of feeling defeated by the idea that fear and anger are our only alternatives. - Stephen Levine Why is it so hard to look at death? Why is it so hard to die? In t... Read more

Creativity and New Beginnings

Creativity and New Beginnings

After years of building a career as a creative professional, I feel like I have finally started my mindful creative journey. But over the past decade, although I have had a handful of creative jobs, I felt a million miles from this path. My creative c... Read more

Erica Lubliner, MD Psychiatry, Director, UCLA Spanish Speaking Psychosocial Clinic

Erica Lubliner, MD Interview

For National Stress Awareness Month, InsightLA just wants to let you know that we are here for you. Take time for you, slow down, breathe, go outside and meditate. This week we present an Interview with Erica Lubliner, Director of UCLA Spanish Speakin... Read more

Intimacy with the Mind Melissa McKaye

Intimacy with the Mind

There is an intimacy with the mind (consciousness, thoughts, feelings, emotions) that I have gained from practicing vipassana meditation. In that intimacy an understanding was developed of just how frequently the mind goes negative, producing thoughts... Read more

Eres Medicina Music Ensemble

Eres Medicina Interview

In celebration of Earth Day, all are invited to Floreciendo con Pachamama- or Blooming with Pachamama (International Mother Earth Day) a special bi-lingual, half day retreat at Benedict Canyon Retreat House with meditation & music led by Rosamaría... Read more

tightrope walker Christiane Wolf

How to Find a Better Balance

What is equanimity, and how can we invite more of it into our lives? Equanimity is being willing and able to accept things as they are in this moment—whether they’re challenging, boring, exciting, disappointing, painful, or exactly what we want. Equan... Read more