The Bodhisattva Responds to the Virus

Dear Friends, We have a choice.  Epidemics, like earthquakes, tornadoes and floods are part of the cycle of life on planet earth. How will we respond? With greed, hatred, fear and ignorance? This only brings more suffering. Or with generosity, cl... Read more

Being with Fear During COVID-19

Join Trudy as she leads a meditation and discusion focusing on how to work with fear due to coronavirus.  Note From Trudy: Hi Everyone, here are the links to information i mentioned on Sunday + some things you shared. There are many meditation apps... Read more

How Can We Serve You?

During the last outing before self-quarantine last week, I stopped by my daughter’s house. Of course, I couldn’t go in so I left a package on the doorstep and waved to the family through the kitchen window. Hilary came close and planted a kiss on the ... Read more

Mindfulness in times of COVID-19

Media channels around the world are calling now for more mindfulness for avoiding the risk of infection with COVID-19.  The great news is that this is exactly one of the things mindfulness practice teaches: To become aware of automatic patterns, to s... Read more

You Are Always Welcome

Once when my granddaughter Allie was 4 years old, a couple of her young neighbors came over to play, apologizing since it was a little late. As she opened the door, she immediately invited them in, saying, “You are ALWAYS welcome to come in.” I was st... Read more