National Volunteer Month

Finding Seva during National Volunteer Month

AUTHOR: DARIN MCFADYEN This month is national volunteer month, but what does that mean for mindfulness practitioners? It can mean different things to each of us, but as meditators the very concept of spending our time and energy helping others with n... Read more



What is it about meditating with other people that feels so… good? I was recently asked this by a meditator I had never met before, who approached me after a drop-in sit.  There was awe and reverence in her question.  She said that her experiences in... Read more

Living Together with Open Hearts with Julian Kehs

Living Together with Open Hearts

In a world full of difficulty, it can be challenging to show up without closing off our hearts. This is especially true for members of the trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming and gender-expansive community, whose rights to access medical care and e... Read more

International Women's History Month Blog - Meditation on Women's History by Sidney Wegener

A Meditation on Women’s History

Honoring the women who teach meditation, wisdom, compassion and the Dharma   For National Women’s History Month, InsightLA thanks and honors all the women around the globe who teach meditation, wisdom, compassion, and the Dharma in its many for... Read more
Inner Wyoming- an excerpt from Real Life Sharon Salzberg

Inner Wyoming

One time when my colleague Joseph Goldstein and I were visiting a friend in Houston, we all went out to a restaurant to order takeout. As we were waiting for the food to be prepared, Joseph struck up a conversation with the young man working behind th... Read more