Too Busy Is A Lie

[caption id=attachment_60812 align=aligncenter width=900] Photo Credit: Trudy Goodman[/caption]   Today I was interviewed by Vince Horn*. Vince is starting an oral history project called, “My Beloved Teachers,” a loving way to capture teachings... Read more

Freedom on a Windowsill

[caption id=attachment_60686 align=aligncenter width=700] “Even in detention I could find joyful moments.” – Ai Weiwei[/caption]   Ahhhh...holidays! Just hearing that word has such nostalgic power. I dream of freedom from routines, time to medi... Read more

Let Your Love Light Shine

[caption id=attachment_59052 align=aligncenter width=900] Photo Credit: Trudy Goodman[/caption] When I sat down to write to you this week, I asked myself, “What do Juneteenth, Father’s Day the summer solstice and Pride month have to do with one ano... Read more

One Life Ends, Another Life Continues

[caption id=attachment_58037 align=aligncenter width=276] Beverly Berg Wry 1956 - 2021[/caption] On Sunday, during the closing talk of the retreat I was teaching with Anam Thubten and Norman Fischer, my dear friend Beverly Berg Wry passed away. A ... Read more

Vesak, Full Moon in May

The upcoming full moon in May is Vesak, a special Buddhist  holiday observed around the world, inspired by the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, peace and goodwill. Vesak honors his birth, enlightenment and death, all together. Vesak is joyful, celebr... Read more

Love & Rest

[caption id=attachment_55355 align=aligncenter width=640] Reclining Buddha Wat Put Thai Sa Wan Temple,Ayuttaya Thailand[/caption]   When overwhelm and exhaustion are present, it is challenging to discover new and creative ways of responding to ... Read more

Meditate For India – Benefit Saturday May 15th

  India is suffering. COVID is ravaging the medical system and the supplies. We would like to offer refuge to feeling helpless or afraid. We have planned a 24/7 round-the-clock meditation and yoga marathon sessions offered by well-known global t... Read more

Motherer’s Day

[caption id=attachment_54284 align=aligncenter width=900] Patricia Stone (Akimel Ootham) and Leonard Stone (Akimel Ootham) with their new baby, 1965. Gila River Indian Community, Arizona. (National Museum of the American Indian)[/caption]   Ind... Read more

In Memoriam, Carol Moss

[caption id=attachment_53190 align=aligncenter width=640] Left to right: Carol Hamilton, David Khon, Drolkar Tsetso, Carol Moss, Dagmola Sakya[/caption] Our dear beloved friend, Carol Moss, passed away early Saturday morning. When I first moved to Lo... Read more