Mindfulness is a Skill

After meditating and teaching mindfulness for several years I came upon the realization that mindfulness meditation is simply practicing a skill. In essence, its no different from practicing other skills like learning to play a musical instrument, paint... Read more

Real Life

There are times, and I suspect I speak for most of us when I say this, when we feel like were merely bystanders to our own lives. There are times when we feel mired and habit, withdrawn and small. Even though we want to take a stand about something we c... Read more

Discovering Juneteenth

Juneteenth came out of nowhere, didnt it?  To my knowledge nobody was asking that this day, celebrated almost exclusively by Black Texans, be turned into a federal holiday.  It wasn’t until my early 30s that I even heard of Juneteenth even though my fat... Read more

Happy Pride Month to All!

In June, the beautiful tapestry of LGBTQ+ identities is honored during Pride Month. Celebrating the diverse experiences of individuals across the gender and sexual orientation spectrums makes our community richer. The journey of self-discovery is an int... Read more

Quartz Bowls and Woman in Sound healing therapy and meditation sound bath

Exquisite Trust

It came to me earlier today. My intention for today, tomorrow, and all my ceremonies, sound baths and retreats going forward is exactly that, exquisite trust. The definition of exquisite being “extremely beautiful” and “intensely felt.” A deep inhale ... Read more

mindful grief holding hands

Mindful Grief

Recognizing the body pattern of grief, we can learn to soften to that tension instead of feeling defeated by the idea that fear and anger are our only alternatives. - Stephen Levine Why is it so hard to look at death? Why is it so hard to die? In t... Read more