The Invitation

In the year 2022 we continue to see our lives impacted by the persistent currents of personal and collective suffering like a River during a catastrophic flood that has breached its natural boundaries washing away our sense of belonging. The story of ... Read more

Ocean waves with sun

Everything Changes

In September I sent my teenager off to their first day of 8th grade. The ritual of school mornings these days looks and feels a lot different than it did 8 years ago - the freshness of early childhood has given way to adolescence. Zen teacher Suzu... Read more

Buddha with gold background

The Compassionate Heart

Over the past seventeen years I have known Venerable Dhamananda we have had many discussions about compassion. She has helped me accept that there is no magic formula to learn how to be more compassionate; it is our practice that leads us on the pathw... Read more

Latinx woman meditating

Self Compassion for Anxiety

Anxiety and I are long-time friends. She has been present in my life since my earliest memories. However, we weren’t always friends and I didn’t know her name was anxiety until later in life. I gave anxiety a “her” pronoun because I have discovered th... Read more

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva

Devotional Practice for a Peaceful Heart

There is a conundrum in spiritual practice. “I” practice meditation or Dharma to find peace of mind and that “me” must do something to get there. And yet, the very idea of me doing it, for myself, for my suffering, and the notion of “getting there” ar... Read more

Trudy Goodman and daughter

You Are Good Enough

My daughter Hilary and I just made a pilgrimage back to Cambridge where she grew up. Her children are launched now. We’ve had a few days together, just the two of us – such a rare opportunity. Seeing old friends, walking around Harvard Square in the r... Read more

Butterfly with orange flowers

Navigating the Path of Service

Myself and Suzanne Smith offer a program that is geared toward caregivers and healthcare professionals; those working closely with death and dying, deep loss, and grief. ‘Meditation, Mindfulness and Coping with Death,’ is a daylong retreat offering to... Read more

Purple and violet flowers

Explore Unique Perspectives

Affinity groups are very helpful. It helps when people are able to gather with others who have the same unique experiences as each other. You feel less alone, and when you are with others going through the same things as you, you are able to come up w... Read more

Trees, sky, and water

Responsibility Over Reactiveness

Over a thousand years ago, the great yogi scholar Atisha created a mind training that is still helpful today. “Drive all blames into one” is a slogan that addresses the way human beings so often place blame on others when things go awry. When some... Read more